Updated December 3, 2013

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The Scottish Play Murder,
Second in the Restoration Mystery Series
writing as Anne Rutherford

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"Anne Rutherford brings the world of Restoration England to vivid life,
from the teeming streets to the halls of the royal palace."

-Victoria Thompson, national bestselling author of Murder on Fifth Avenue

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Battle Ready, A Free Short Story

When the Canadian Army announced they had developed a "battle bra" for their female soldiers, one had to wonder what that could possibly mean. This story was first published in Turn the Other Chick, the fourth of Esther Friesner's Chicks in Chain Mail anthologies.

Audio Editions Now Available at Audible.com

Shelby adores her new house, until she learns itís haunted by a grieving Confederate soldier. When a mystical spell in a hidden diary transports her to the nineteenth century, where she becomes the writer of the diary, she finds herself torn between wanting to go home and needing to stay. She realizes she is the only hope for the survival of the family she has come to love.

Nick Moulinè is a rational, thinking man, who one day acquires a fascinating old book that brings him a dream of a beautiful woman and an adventure of long ago.